Lesson Tips:

  • Lessons start at age three and up
  • Approved helmets and heeled boots are required while mounted
  • Long pants are required during lessons.

(lesson helmets are available to borrow for the first few lessons, after that it is suggested to purchase a helmet of your own)



Private hour lesson: $40.00

Private half hour lesson: $30.00

Semiprivate hour lesson: $35.00

Group hour lesson: $30.00


Head Instructor: Kate Kocher

​Phone: 484-797-5541

Kate is the owner and head trainer at Springhouse Farm. She has been working with horses her entire life. At the age of twelve, Kate started giving riding lessons. Her abilities consist of all riding disciplines, including driving. 

At the age of sixteen, Kate had the ability to complete in the Devon Carriage Marathon and took the class with a pony she raised and trained.

Kate has exhibited in the Theater Equus at the World Horse Expo in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. ​